About laboratory

The Laboratory of Superelastic Biointerfaces is designed to solve complex scientific problems in the field of medical materials science. The main direction of the laboratory is fundamental and applied research, the development of advanced biocompatible materials and solving the problems of replacing soft and hard tissue defects resulting from injuries, acquired diseases or congenital pathologies. Research work includes the study of chemical, biological and mechanical properties of natural tissues and implant materials, computer modeling, modern methods of cell culture in vitro and in vivo testing. The laboratory team works in the field of creating implants for bone and soft tissues, drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, bioceramics, bioactive and bioinert coatings, as well as bioresorbable materials for implantation. The laboratory team consists of multidisciplinary employees with experience in materials science, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, who study and create materials to solve real problems in the field of biomedicine. Leading scientist of the laboratory – Alexey Volynsky from the University of South Florida, is a highly qualified specialist in the field of biotechnology and has publications in top international journals, is a reviewer and guest editor in top scientific materials science publications.